From VR Martian Trips to Pocket-Sized VR Cameras

 - Feb 26, 2017
The VR universe is quickly expanding, and the February 2017 VR trends give an indication of just how much. It's been decades since an entirely new medium has been invented, and the infancy of virtual reality is exciting to say the least. More than anything, the February 2017 VR trends show a willingness to get creative with that potential, crafting entirely new systems to suit the budding medium.

The most obvious application of VR technology is in gaming. However, don't let obvious stand in for trite or boring, as new VR titles being released are unlike anything that's come before. Knockout League, for example, is a three-dimensional boxing game in which players square off against characters like scimitar-wielding pirates and gentlemanly octopi.

There are less apparent uses for VR as well. Alibaba, the gigantic Chinese e-retailer, has created a virtual shopping mall called Buy+ in which consumers can make purchases that then get delivered in the real world.