uSens' Hand-Tracking System is Being Demoed at CES 2017

 - Jan 4, 2017
References: usens
Virtual reality is making the move into the consumer sphere, and companies like uSens are doing everything possible to make the consumer VR experience incredibly immersive. uSens itself is on the forefront of developments, as its appearance at CES 2017 should make evident. At the show, uSens will be demonstrating its proprietary hand-sensing technology.

One of the most disappointing aspects of VR for many new users is that they can't actually see themselves in the space. Most VR experiences either cut the user's own body out entirely or give them rudimentary hands that can simply grasp things or remain open. uSens has developed room-scale tracking that includes mapping hands in space, allowing for users to move their hands with any degree of fine motor skills and see those movement in the virtual reality.