'Knockout League' Features Bouts with Silly Arcade Characters

 - Jan 25, 2017
References: venturebeat & engadget
Knockout League, an upcoming virtual reality title from the designers at Grab Games and Vive Studios, combines the mechanics of boxing with the whimsical theatricality of professional wrestling and arcade games. The VR game features cartoonish characters that players can step into the ring and do battle with, trying to deal the ultimate KO.

Boxing video games have been popular in various iterations for some time. 'Mike Tyson's Punch Out!' was an iconic arcade game for the NES, while the 'Fight Night' franchise works to offer as realistic a boxing experience as possible. Knockout League falls squarely into the former's camp, with silly characters and animations that soften the potential violence of a VR boxing game. For instance, one of the characters currently announced is an octopus that wears a top hat and drinks tea.