From Professional Gaming Shorts to Triptych Laptop Screens

 - Feb 25, 2017
In looking at the February 2017 gaming concepts, it's clear how crucial good hardware has become. Where gaming was once a relatively casual affair, the precipitous incline in the industry's technology (and sales) have led to a completely new brand of consumers: the core gamers. Core — short for hardcore — represents a growing segment of the market, and companies have developed hardware to satisfy their desires for performance.

Razer's 'Project Valerie' is a good example of how the February 2017 gaming concepts appease core gamers. The gaming laptop has immense processing power, but what sets it apart is its folding triptych screen that gives gamers a wider field of vision while playing.

Even beyond the tech itself, there are products available to help core gamers up their performance. KontrolFreek, a gaming apparel company, has created a pair of shorts with moisture-wicking panels down the side that let gamers dry their hand quickly during intense skirmishes.