HoloLamp Offers Augmented Reality Without Glasses or a Headset

 - Jan 23, 2017
References: hololamp.io & fastcodesign
HoloLamp is a small, portable device that has the potential to bring about a totally new style of entertainment. The U-shaped projector can generate 3D images using light alone, creating a hands-free augmented reality experience that requires neither glasses nor a headset.

While much can be said about the revolutionary potential of virtual reality technology, its major drawback is that it requires users to wear headsets, effectively cutting them off from the outside world. HoloLamp is a more social piece of technology, since the 3D effects that it creates can be shared with anyone within view of the projection.

HoloLamp's creators currently envision the device as both a gaming platform and a tool for education. The beta version comes with games from Unity, and it can upload and project educational images as well (such as complex molecules that are difficult to envision in two dimensions.)