From Game Show-Inspired Drinking Games to Pro Gamer Shorts

 - Feb 25, 2017
These February 2017 game trends include a vast variety of products, apps and more for social, educational and entertainment purposes.

Included is Covet Fashion's body positive update. Previously, the popular mobile fashion game had limited body types and skin tones to choose from, however with the update, a much more diverse selection is available to players. As they progress through the game, users are expected to find flattering styles for the 50 different avatars that are now featured. With this, Covet Fashion helps to promote a culture of acceptance by being more inclusive, as it shows its players that there's more than just one body type or skin tone to think about.

Also included in these February 2017 game trends are a number of drinking games, like 'DRINKO,' which was based on 'Plinko,' the classic 'The Price is Right' game. To play, consumers just need to place six shot glasses under the peg board and then drop tokens from the top portion of it. Whoever's glass the token lands in has to take a drink. Simple and quick to play, DRINKO is highly interactive and suspenseful, making it great for small groups at parties.