The 'PlingPong' Ping Pong Game is Suitable for Players of All Ages

 - Jan 10, 2017
References: kickstarter & odditymall
Beer pong is great for college kids, but 'PlingPong' is a ping pong game that puts a more family friendly spin on the wildly popular game. 'PlingPong' consists of a series of cups that are placed on the playing board and has players bounce ping pong balls in order to try and sink them in an opponents cup. When this occurs, the cup is removed until there is only one player left with cups on the board who is then crowned the winner.

The 'PlingPong' ping pong game can be augmented and changed in order to make it more challenging for players who want to try something a little harder. It can be played easily in family settings and at parties by players of any age or skill level.