'Pokemon Duel' is a Strategy Board Game Played on Users' Smartphones

 - Jan 26, 2017
References: pokemon & cnet
After the wild success of Pokemon GO in the summer of 2016, the anime franchise has released a new game called Pokemon Duel. Rather than taking advantage of augmented reality and real world locations, as with Pokemon GO, Pokemon Duel is a strategic board game that takes place entirely within the confines of one's mobile device.

Pokemon is no stranger to strategy games, with the franchise's roots being in a strategic card game that is still played today. The new board game takes advantage of the space allotted by the conceptual board (rather than one-on-one fighting, as with the card game.) The objective is to move all six of one's Pokemon to the opponents side of the board, with chances to evolve and upgrade as each of one's Pokemon progresses forward.