The 'DRINKO' Drinking Shot Game is Modeled After Plinko

 - Jan 14, 2017
References: amazon & odditymall
Drinking games often require some sort of skill to be played, but the 'DRINKO' drinking shot game is based totally on a random design. 'DRINKO' is designed after the classic Price is Right game, Plinko, and consists of six shot glasses being placed below a peg board playing board. Users take turns dropping tokens down the top portion in order to drop it into the shot glasses below.

The 'DRINKO' drinking shot game can be completely customized with regard to the kind of shots that users can take. Moreover, users will always be required to drink after every turn, which increases the interaction and ensures that one person or team doesn't continually do all the consumption. The game comes packed with everything needed to get started.