From Gaelic Highlands Scotches to 50-Year-Old Whiskeys

 - Feb 19, 2017
These February 2017 alcohol trends cover a diverse selection of products, with exclusive Irish spirits, beers with flavors to complement seasonal changes and charitable tiger-branded rums being just a few examples.

One particularly strange product that's included in these February 2017 alcohol trends is Native Bar's insect-covered cocktails. Based in Singapore, the company has garnered global recognition for its odd concoctions. For the 'Antz Cocktail,' Native Bar uses Thai rum, aged sugarcane, coconut yogurt, salt, soursop and baked tapioca. Most interesting however are the toppings, which include weaves ants, a liquid nitrogen-frozen leaf and cubes of basil meringue. Reportedly, the insects have a unique sour flavor that complements the rest of the flavors flawlessly.

Also included are the House of Elrick's Loch Ness gins, which are made with water from the iconic lake in Scotland that's said to host the great mythical monster. Apart from the lake's filtered and distilled water, the gin includes hand-picked botanicals like juniper, coriander seeds and angelica root.