'Garçon Wines' Has Created a Bottle That Fits Though a Letterbox

 - Jan 2, 2017
References: beveragedaily
Joe Revell, the owner of London-based startup Garçon Wines, is working to bring the subscription service model to the wine world in the most effective and practical way possible. As such, the entrepreneur has invented a new wine bottle that is designed to be able to fit through a letterbox.

Subscription services have become incredibly popular business models for all sorts of industries, but the food and beverage industry has the most potential to harness in such a system. Since people consume food and beverages, they will always need to acquire more, and a subscription service caters to that need.

Though subscription wine is nothing new, Garçon Wines' narrow bottle makes it easier and more convenient for people to order wines. The bottle eliminates the hassle of missing a delivery and having to pick it up from the post office or another location.