Native's Unique Bar Cocktail is Topped with an Edible Insect Garnish

 - Jan 21, 2017
References: instagram & hellogiggles
Native Bar in Singapore is serving a unique bar cocktail that has gained worldwide recognition for its use of unconventional ingredients. The staple ingredients of the cocktail are Thai rum, aged sugarcane, coconut yogurt, salt, soursop and baked tapioca. True to its name, what goes on top of the 'Antz Cocktail' are ants, which sit on a liquid nitrogen-frozen leaf with cubes of basil meringue.

The type of ants that are used in the Antz Cocktail are weaves ants, which reportedly have a distinctive sour taste from Vitamin C.

Just a few years ago, finding insects in one's food or drinks would be cause for outrage, but now, many consumers are actively seeking out cricket flour, candied bee larvae and insect-infused sauces as sustainable sources of protein.