'Netflix Infinite Runner' Features Characters from Popular Netflix Series

 - Jan 10, 2017
References: flixarcade.netflix.io & digitaltrends
The large population of people who spend more hours than they'd comfortably admit making use of their Netflix subscriptions will enjoy the company's new browser game, 'Netflix Infinite Runner.' The cute 16-bit sidescroller features protagonists from some of the streaming services most popular original productions.

The gameplay mechanics of Netflix Infinite Runner are very simple: the characters run across the screen, and users press space to grab power-ups and avoid obstacles. As the name suggests, this sidescrolling adventures goes on indefinitely.

The real appeal of the game is in the references to the series. The four playable characters are Pablo Escobar from 'Narcos,' Piper Chapman from 'Orange is the New Black,' Mike Wheeler from 'Stranger Things,' and the eponymous Marco Polo. Each of these characters plays on a unique background and with obstacles and power-ups that references their shows.