The Aava Medical Centre and GE Helped to Create a 4D Ultrasound

 - Jan 12, 2017
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Through imaging from General Electric and the Aava Medical Centre and her own expertise in the tech space, a woman from Helsinki recently created a virtual reality ultrasound of her own unborn daughter. The process, which is being referred to by the Aava Medical Centre as a 4D ultrasound, is the first of such ever to be conducted, and it portends an entirely new way for expecting parents to understand their pregnancy.

Until relatively recently, ultrasound images were more of a symbolic item than anything practical, since it took a medical professional to make sense of the monochromatic, 2D image. 3D ultrasounds have grown in popularity recently, though, and those images bear a clear resemblance to the eventual child. That said, a VR ultrasound gives exceptional new depth to the process, letting parents see their unborn child from any angle.