The HTC Vive Tracker Turns Everyday Objects into VR Peripherals at CES 2017

 - Jan 6, 2017
References: vive & theverge
In itself, the HTC Vive Tracker doesn't seem too impressive; the palm-sized device looks like a technologically advanced snow globe stand -- but it's really so much more. The VR peripheral connects to the HTC Vive to turn everyday objects into functional tools inside virtual reality experiences, eliminating the need for purpose-built, game-specific peripherals.

One of the most entertaining demo games current compatible with the HTC Vive Tracker is a baseball simulator. In the game, users step up to the virtual plate to take some swings. Rather than just swinging wildly with the normal Vive controller, though, players can attach the HTC Vive Tracker to a real baseball bat. The Tracker can register the entirety of the bat simply by being attached at the knob, giving a real feel to the simulation.