From Alcohol-Sensing Wristbands to Connected Cocktail Libraries

 - Jan 26, 2017
From alcohol-sensing wristbands to connected cocktail libraries, the CES 2017 gadgets did not disappoint. With both practical and entertaining gadgets making their debut, the show displayed a wide range of new technology.

In terms of gadgets that offer both practical and life-saving solutions, the Shapeheart was clearly a crowd favorite. As the first device of its kind, the Shapeheart revealed the future of heart-tracking wearables. Similarly, the MOCACuff revealed a new solution for remotely tracking the blood pressure of at-risk patients.

Of course, not all of the CES 2017 gadgets were related to personal healthcare. On the opposite end of the spectrum, many brands debuted products that highlight the new wave of at-home entertainment. Some examples of these entertaining products include a single-wheel scooter called the Ninebot One S1, a noise-reducing vinyl record player dubbed the SugarCube and the Cerevo Taclim VR shoes.