PKvitality's K'Track Athlete and Glucose are Debuting at CES 2017

 - Jan 6, 2017
References: pkvitality
PKvitality, the French company behind the K'Track Athlete and K'Track Glucose, has developed a brand new sampling system called SkinTaste. Embedded in both the K'Track Athlete and K'Track Glucose bio-wearables, SkinTaste technology allows the devices to take detailed measurements of metrics that would usually require a blood sample, such as glucose and lactic acid levels.

Diabetics will no doubt be accustomed to the pain and annoyance of constantly pricking their fingers in order to get glucose readings. Using SkinTaste, the K'Track Glucose inserts microscopic needles (shorter than 0.5 millimeters long) into the skin's cells to retrieve a special fluid from the cells. This fluid then gives accurate glucose readings, but without any pain or visible pricks.

The K'Track Athlete follows the same process as the Glucose, but it collects lactic acid instead. Lactic acid is an indicator of muscle fatigue, so such readings can be essential during training.