The NeOse Odor Detector From Aryballe Technologies Showcased at CES 2017

 - Jan 11, 2017
References: aryballe-technologies & venturebeat
Displayed at CES 2017, this odor detector acts as a digital nose that helps industrial workers better identify dangerous scents like gas. Based in France, Aryballe Technologies developed the NeOse smelling device to record and recognize different odors.

Armed with olfactory and gustatory sensors, the personal gadget syncs to smartphones and a scent database. The more smells are added to the database (which Aryballe is building along with corresponding software), the more effective the NeOse will be.

In addition to applying to olfactory pollution and environmental concerns, the odor detector has potential in the areas of home automation, fragrances and flavor. Capable of mimicking a dog's nose (for guidance and security-related reasons), the product would also aid individuals suffering from asomnia (a lost sense of smell).