From Intelligent Robotic Cleaners to Connected Skin Products

 - Jan 13, 2017
The IoT devices from CES 2017 prove that almost anything can be improved with a little bit of connectivity. The combination of voice recognition, smartphone apps, and personalization allows for consumers to have heretofore unseen control over their homes and lives in general.

Home devices in particular have seen many developments at CES 2017. Companies have been working hard to discover the next device or tool capable of connectivity, with fascinating results. The ICO by Ondilo is a connected pool cleaner, for instance, that lets pool owners monitor their levels of chlorine, and the Black & Decker Smartech robotic vacuum connects to an app to let consumers control its frequency.

Other IoT devices from CES 2017 include a variety of items for every room in the house. One's bathroom routine can be improved with a smart hairbrush, their kitchen improved with a smart refrigerator, and their bedroom improved with the hMiBod blueMotion.