The MedPeanut Is Part of the SensePeanut Line at CES 2017

 - Jan 5, 2017
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The MedPeanut is an IoT-enabled device that can help people to build a habit out of taking their medications or vitamins. The MedPeanut, so named because of its diminutive size and vaguely legume-like shape, can be affixed to all sorts of medication packaging where it will monitor whether or not its user has taken his or her meds at the right time.

Regular medications are most common for the elderly, but the cruel irony is that elderly people are also more likely to have trouble remembering to take them. The MedPeanut not only sends reminders to take medications, but it can track its user's performance over time. These results can then easily be shared with family members and doctors in order to get a better sense of the drugs' efficacy.