From Hydroponic Gardening Appliances to Pollinating Bee Drones

 - Feb 26, 2017
With a growing number of consumers looking for ways to reduce their ecological footprint, the February 2017 tech trends reveal that there are a number of innovative devices making the process of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle easier and more accessible.

One of the innovative ways that technology is helping consumers go green at home is by helping them grow their own food, even in the middle of urban environments. For instance, the Spoutr is a smartphone-connected garden that uses an ultrasonic vaporizer to help consumers grow their own micro-greens. Similarly, the OPCOM Farm is a hydroponic gardening systems that allows consumers to grow produce indoors without the need for soil.

Beyond home gardening, the February 2017 tech trends reveal that technology is also being used to address bigger environmental concerns such as the decline of honey bee populations and the health of our fragile ecosystems. Some of the devices being used to address these pressing environmental issues include the B-Droid and the Linnaeus drone.