The 'FRIGID AIR' Compact Fridge Can be Augmented in Size

 - Dec 26, 2016
References: yankodesign
Those who live in small spaces or who are simply looking to be more eco-friendly will find the 'FRIGID AIR' compact fridge to be an effective design that does away with unnecessary waste.

The 'FRIGID AIR' fridge works by featuring a design that can be made bigger or smaller, depending on the needs of the user at any given time. The heat pump is placed adjacent to the 'FRIGID AIR' main compartment to help decrease the amount of ambient warmth that is within the vicinity of the unit. This helps to reduce the amount of power that's needed to continually keep the fridge cool, while also making use of the external heat pump for cooking purposes.

The 'FRIGID AIR' compact fridge is the design work of Guillaume Landin.