The LinkSwitch-TN2 Voltage Regulator Device Increases Efficiency and Safety

 - Jan 6, 2017
References: ac-dc.power & edn-europe
The LinkSwitch-TN2 is a voltage regulator device that is intended to be utilized in an electronic product design in order to help keep the device efficient and safe. Being that a growing number of items within the home are powered, the LinkSwitch-TN2 works by helping with voltage fluctuation, spikes and efficiency in order to keep products operating safely.

The LinkSwitch-TN2 can be implemented into HVAC equipment, appliances, home automation and IoT metering systems and beyond. The LinkSwitch-TN2 voltage regulator device helps to detect for short-circuits and protect against over-temperature events to ensure problems don't come about. This comes as a welcome addition to the roster of smart safety devices being created in order to keep products safe for use within the home.