From Mobile Meditation Buses to Smartphone-Connected Cars

 - Feb 25, 2017
These ideas in February 2017 transportation reflect a push for greener solutions for travel and transport, particularly with large-scale trains, airplanes and buses. On the consumer side, people are welcoming new products and services in transportation that stress flexibility.

Some of the best examples of big transport going green include Japan Airlines developing airplane biofuel from used clothing, emission-free wind-powered trains from Nederlandse Spoorwegen and hybrid-electric buses that are able to recharge themselves within mere minutes.

In response to a demand for greater ease of use and efficiency, some companies are adopting more flexible policies. For example, unlike the many urban bike sharing initiatives across global cities that require those who use the service to return a bicycle at a specific end station, 'bluegogo' sets itself apart by permitting drop-offs anywhere. Similarly, Idea Bank's 'Happy Miles' was recently launched as a pay-as-you-drive model for car leases.