The 'Cosmo Connected' Motorcycle Light is Debuting at CES 2017

 - Jan 5, 2017
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The Cosmo Connected device might seem like a small addition to a motorcyclists arsenal, but it has the potential to save any rider's life. The connected, helmet-mounted brake light lights up and alerts following drivers when the motorcyclist in front of them is slowing down, decreasing the risk of disastrous rear-end collisions.

Virtually any properly maintained motorcycle on the road will have brake lights installed. However, these lights are typically near the rear wheel of the vehicle, significantly lower down that the brake lights on cars or trucks. This means that tailing vehicles might not be able to see them, especially if that vehicle is trailing at an irresponsibly close distance. Cosmo Connected easily clips on to the back of riders helmets, providing an eye-level rear brake light that drivers can key in on.