From Automated AI Vehicles to Single-Wheel Scooters

 - Jan 14, 2017
The CES 2017 transportation innovations reveal that our daily commute could undergo a dramatic change in the very near future. Not only are self-driving cars on the horizon, but entirely new modes of transport could soon hit the market as well.

When it comes to consumer vehicles, AI was a common thread. For instance, Honda's 'NeuV' electric concept vehicle uses AI to reduce traffic congestion and enhance the overall driving experience. Similarly, the BMW HoloActive Touch system uses a virtual touchscreen to give drivers seamless control over their vehicle.

However, not all of the CES 2017 transportation innovations involved traditional vehicles. For instance, the Ninebot One S1 by Segway uses just a single wheel to make urban transportation a breeze. Such advancements indicate that the car may no longer reign supreme in the years ahead.