From Aerodynamic Shipping Vehicles to Custom Car-Building Kits

 - Feb 25, 2017
As one might expect, the trends in February 2017 autos tend toward reducing the industry's reliance on fossil fuels. Though the topic took a back seat to things like the economy and race relations during the 2016 presidential election in the US, climate change remains one of the most pressing issues facing humanity as a whole, and finding solutions in the auto industry is one of the best ways to address it.

Electric vehicles are slowly becoming one of the best alternatives to gas-burning vehicles. The Faraday Future FF91, which debuted to the public at CES 2017, is just one of those options. It also incorporates self-driving technology into its system, which promises to make for more fuel efficient trips by being able to calculate the best possible route and driving style.

Public transport is opting for electricity too, with the Swedish bus manufacturer Scania recently releasing hybrid electric buses that can fully charge in six to seven minutes.