The Opel GT References the Original GM GT from the 1960s

 - Dec 29, 2016
References: digitaltrends
Though at first glance it might not appear so, the 2016 Opel GT concept car is an overt reference to a 1960s muscle car from the small German auto manufacturer's parent company, GM. The concept has incredibly futuristic design aspects, to be sure, but Opel hopes that the Opel GT will eventually enter the mass market as a modern version of the original GM GT.

In the 60s, the GM GT was presented as a smaller, more affordable alternative to the Corvette. The model eventually stopped being produced, but it had a large cultural impact that remains embedded in the minds of car enthusiasts and designers to this day.

Opel recognizes that the market for rear-wheel drive coupes is shrinking, but it believes that the Opel GT concept is too beautiful a design to pass up on.