- Mar 24, 2017
These connected garage innovations range from smart home-controlling apps to Bluetooth-powered car chargers. When it comes to modern homes, security systems are more intuitive than ever before with standouts ranging from the Misafes 'Panoporter' Video Chat Camera -- offering 360 degree footage and a discreet design -- along with the 'ezcontrol' Home Automation Device, which is easily connected to electronic devices within one's home. The latter aims to offer full personalization at a fraction of competitors' pricing.

Other connected garage innovations include biometric sensor locks and light switch illuminators that give low tech spaces a secure and high-tech feel. Additionally, innovations like smart cabinet locks ensure garage valuables are kept safe at all times, while multifunctional cooling units monitor temperature in a way that is comprehensive and customizable.

From Bluetooth Car Chargers to Smart Home-Controlling Apps: