This Platform Allows Electrics to Connect to Random Outlets

 - Jun 16, 2016
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In a similar concept to 'Airbnb' but with the purpose of charging cars, users can sign up for the 'Elbnb' platform which provides hundreds of electric car charging stations across Sweden.

Launched by the French automaker Renault, this platform allows people with outdoor or garage outlets to rent them out to electric vehicle owners. The car owners can recharge at the electric car charging station that the app led them to, while the owners of the outlet are paid by a previously agreed-upon fee. Individuals can sign up on the Elbnb website to access these stations or offer up one of their own.

By offering a simple solution to the issue of limited public outlets for electric cars to charge in, this Elbnb has created a simple but innovative new service that could prove increasingly useful as electric cars become even more popular around the world.