- Aug 29, 2017
These large-scale and compact vehicles examine some of the possibilities for delivery of the future, exploring ideas across everything from additive manufacturing to the use of autonomous technology.

For the transportation of goods in urban centers, several creators are testing out ultra-compact vehicles that have been specifically created for a single purpose. Prime examples of this include the 3D-printed car Kabuku and Honda created in collaboration for confectionery goods company Toshimaya, as well as the Fish Mail Delivery Car, which takes the form of a small-scale mail truck. Both of these ideas exemplify how delivery vehicles of the future may be tailor-made to suit the items that they carry.

On a larger scale, Otto Big Rigs has successfully shipped large quantities of Budweiser, while Zume Pizza sets itself apart as a food truck and delivery car hybrid.

These Ideas Explore Delivery of the Future in 3D Printing and Autonomy: