Mercedes-Benz's 'Urban eTruck' is the World's First Electric Freighter

Despite all the talk of cloud computing, delivery drones, 3D printing and everything else futuristically technological, nearly all the goods consumed in developed nations are transported via the same eighteen-wheelers that have been in use for decades -- however, even these are set to be brought into the future thanks to the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck. The new transport trucks run on fully electric power and have a carrying capacity equal to most similar vehicles on the roads today.

Mercedes-Benz's Urban eTruck is capable of carrying 29 tons, making it capable of matching the maximum load of virtually any big rig on the road. The only limitation for the Urban eTruck is hinted at in its name: the truck has a range of 125 miles, meaning that it is not able to carry products on long haul trips across countries. Nonetheless, that range is more than adequate for any city transportation, making the transport truck an ideal candidate for decreasing urban pollution when moving goods.