Sustainable Waitrose Grocery-Delivering Trucks Run on Biomethane

 - Feb 25, 2017
References: waitrose & springwise
This UK supermarket is sending out grocery delivery trucks that are powered by waste. In collaboration with Swedish transport company Scania and CNG Fuels, Waitrose debuted ten trucks that use biomethane fuel and produce 70% less pollution than diesel as a result.

The biomethane is a food waste energy source that is renewable, more eco-friendly than diesel and more affordable too. The Waitrose delivery trucks can go 500 miles without having to refuel, which is 200 more miles than their regular vehicles are capable of. The fuel tanks, which were designed by Scania and the United States-based Agility Fuel Systems, are made out of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber makes them able to hold more fuel and are lighter as well.