This Parking App Lets Drivers Rent Out Unused Driveway Parking Spots

 - Aug 10, 2016
References: parkwithspotter & curbed
While there are undoubtedly lots of different parking apps out there, most of them tend to focus on big parking lots rather than the sorts of driveway parking spots that a lot of people use in different urban locales. This is where the Spotter app comes in.

Developed by a pair of computer science students working out Brown University, this innovative parking app is designed to help homeowners rent out driveways that may sit unused when they're away at work for the day, or even out of town on vacation. The app makes it possible for drivers to navigate to their assigned driveway, and charges them a dollar per hour for the parking spot.

Currently only available to people in Providence, Rhode Island, this ingenious parking app is set to be rolled out elsewhere, and will appeal to homeowners looking to earn some extra cash as well as drivers looking for parking spots.