The Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation Adjusts Easily for Added Versatility

 - Jan 16, 2017
References: fellowes
The Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation is a standing desk platform that makes it easier for workers to stay healthy and active during long hours spent in the office. The big benefit of the Lotus Sit-Stand over other standing desk concepts, however, is that it doesn't require a massive commitment or unnecessary exertion of effort on the part of its user.

The Lotus Sit-Stand is equipped with Fellowes Brands' 'Smooth Lift Technology.' This tech is embedded in the base of the platform, and it allows one's entire workstation to smoothly rise and descend without disturbing any of the items upon it. Ultimately, the system allows workers to stand and sit as they see fit, as frequently or infrequently as they desire.

This system is significantly more efficient that others, since other standing desks often require commitment to a new solid frame.