The Kikka Digga Makes Common Gardening Tools More User Friendly

 - Jan 13, 2017
References: kikkadigga & core77
The Kikka Digga is great for those who have a green thumb but could use some gardening assistance for the rest of their limbs. The gadget, which attaches to virtually any common gardening tool, relieves pressure on one's muscles and makes it easier to do the more physically exerting tasks that gardening necessitates.

The Kikka Digga is a essentially a lever that attaches to the business end of common digging tools like spades and pitchforks. A sturdy arm extends perpendicularly from the bottom of that tool, and this allows gardeners to gain extra leverage when digging large masses of dirt or soil. By bracing one's foot on the Kikka Digger arm, they can lean on the handle of their tool and use their body weight to lift the load rather than relying solely on their muscles.