From Elderly Photo-Sharing Services to Intuitive Touchscreen Speakers

 - Dec 10, 2017
There's a pervasive cliche that seniors aren't comfortable with technology, but as these gifts for the grandparent show, the modern day member of The Greatest Generation isn't as techno-phobic as one might imagine. With digital technology becoming an ever more crucial aspect of day-to-day life for nearly everyone, companies have found inventive ways to keep seniors in the loop.

To be sure, the average grandparent is far less adept at using technology than the average teen. Many companies are thus looking for ways to bridge the gap and get grandparents involved however they can. For example, NanaGram lets users share their digital photos with their grandparents; the subscription service allows the younger generations to text their images to a central service which then prints out physical copies and mails them to grandparents every month.