The 'TILT' Kettle Prepares Water and Pours it Conveniently

 - Feb 16, 2017
References: yankodesign
The 'TILT' boiling kettle is designed with a tipping aesthetic that makes it more convenient and balanced to use when it comes to preparing water for hot beverages. The 'TILT' kettle incorporates a hinge onto the side portion of the kettle and the base in order to enable users to tip it over to deliver the boiled water into a cup. This makes the 'TILT' kettle ideal for those who are elderly, are weak or have an impairment that renders them unable to lift heavy items.

The 'TILT' boiling kettle is the design work of Andy Walton and features a stylish, streamlined aesthetic that makes it a beautiful addition to any kitchen. If desired, the 'TILT' kettle can be removed from the base to fill larger pots or for cleaning purposes.