The 'Protector Iron' Prevents Burns from Ever Occurring

 - Nov 20, 2017
References: yankodesign
One of the common problems with traditional irons is how easily you can burn yourself on them when using them, so the 'Protector Iron' has been created to offer a distinctly safer alternative.

Conceptually designed by Myungji Kim, the iron puts the heated element behind a protective barrier that will the user's hand from ever coming into contact with it. This makes it ideal for the elderly, the blind or anyone who has ever burned themselves with a traditional iron and is looking for a safer option.

The 'Protector Iron' boasts a streamlined design and acknowledges the need for appliances and accessories that are designed with different demographics in mind. As those with specialized needs and requirements become more prominent in our culture, we'll likely continue to see more positive product development come about.