- Jun 24, 2017
With summer just around the corner, the June 2017 gadget trends reveal a strong emphasis on products that help consumers avoid the many issues that come with warmer weather. Whether it is staying cool or keeping bugs at bay, many consumers are looking for ways to make the summer season safer and more comfortable.

In terms of beating the heat, there are many innovative gadgets that go beyond a basic fan. For instance, the Ambi Climate 2 uses AI technology to detect the climate of the home and adjust accordingly. Similarly the USB Wearable Cooling Fan, is a personal fan that can be charged up and taken on the go for constant cooling.

Beyond beating the heat, consumers are also looking to stay safe from one of summer's biggest menaces: mosquitoes. Some examples of anti-mosquito devices highlighted by the June 2017 gadget trends include the Mosquito Zapper LED Lantern and the Mosquito Away 2HP air conditioner.

From Mosquito-Repelling AC Units to Smart Waterpark Wristbands: