This New Technology Can Quickly Track Lost Dementia Patients

 - May 8, 2017
References: & mashable
A new technology developed in Japan is helping to locate lost dementia patients. The portable tracking device dubbed the 'Mimamori' is the size of a thumb tack and has been successful in bringing home lost and missing dementia patients. In trials, the device showed significant progress, as it was able to track down missing dementia patients in roughly half the time it took without the device.

Japan is home to the world's most aged population, and with its largest demographic – the post-war Baby Boomers – aging, the country expects that by 2025, one in three people will be older than 75.

In order for the tracking device to succeed, the manufacturers need city-wide cooperation. The tracks function via Bluetooth, so people wearing the devices must be within a certain radius in order to be located. If more people download the app, the radius can widen, and the chances of finding a missing person can grow exponentially.

The manufacturers are hoping to have their devices implemented in hospitals and nursing homes in order to ensure the safe return of lost dementia patients who may have wandered off.