Park and Diamond's Collapsible Helmet Disguises Itself as a Baseball Cap

 - May 29, 2017
References: park-and-diamond & digitaltrends
Park and Diamond are creating stylish, portable, collapsible helmets to ensure everyone protects their heads when cycling.

After his sister fell into a four-month coma after being hit by a car while biking to class, founders David Hall and Jordan Klien explored why people refused to wear life-saving protective gear while biking. Bulkiness, lack of portability and "not looking cool" were listed as the main reasons, prompting the two students to design a helmet that would leave cyclists with no excuses to not wear one.

Park and Diamond's helmet disguises itself as a baseball cap - just as thin while remaining as protective as something more traditional. The thin material used to make the helmet allows for riders to stuff it, roll it or fold it into a water bottle holder, or pocket.