This Device Improves One's Smile Painlessly and Effectively

 - May 12, 2017
References: core77
With YAYA's new teeth-straightening concept, there would no more need to put children through painful orthodontist appointments.

YAYA is a a device that would detect the position of each tooth using sensors and magnetically shift the tooth individually over time. This teeth-straightening device uses magnetic controls, located near where the molars would sit to slowly shift the teeth.

Unlike with Invisalign or traditional braces, users would go to a dentist for initial scans and to have a treatment plan developed, and the rest of the treatment course would be organized using a smartphone app. The app reminds the user when to put in the device and shows scans of treatment progress on a day-to-day. The YAYA teeth-straightening device is meant to be worn for 20 hours each day, but is as noticeable as an Invisalign retainer. When the user is not wearing the device, it can be stored in its sanitary charging case.