From Multi-Position Posture Correctors to Eye Strain Relief Kits

 - Jun 18, 2017
From multi-position posture correctors to eye strain relief kits, the June 2017 health trends reveal an emphasis on improving everyday habits in the interest of better health.

In recent years, correcting bad posture has become increasingly important to consumers. This is partially due to the rise of desk jobs, which often leave people hunched over a computer for the majority of the day. As a result, a number of posture-correcting devices have hit the market, including the ALEX+ reverse headband, the 10eleven9 smart shirts and the UPRIGHT GO slouch-detecting gadget.

Beyond improving one's posture, the June 2017 health trends reveal that eyesight is also a major issue of concern for many people. As a result, products like the PupilBox kit, which uses an anti-blue light system to protect against digital eye strain, have been created for eyesight-conscious consumers.