The 'N-Air' Medical Purifier and Humidifier Conditions the Air

 - May 12, 2017
References: yankodesign
More consumers are spending more time indoors than ever before, so the need for powerful solutions to keep the air clean is seeing products like the 'N-Air' medical purifier and humidifier be designed.

The 'N-Air' works as an effective piece of equipment for removing the irritants that can be found in the air in your home or office in order to ease the lungs, throat and sinuses.

The 'N-Air' increases the overall moisture level in the air, which works to prevent airborne viruses from floating about and keeps the air as pleasant as possible for your sinuses. The 'N-Air' medical purifier and humidifier is also outfitted with a diffuser that allows fresh scents from plants and herbs to be introduced into a space.

The 'N-Air' is the design work of Mert Can Bakır and Melahat Köşeli.