From Purifying Smart Mirrors to Smart Home Monitoring Sensors

 - Jul 13, 2017
With pollution becoming an increasing problem, consumers are turning to air-purifying devices in order to mitigate some of the harm that toxins in the air can have on their health.

The 'Fred' Smart Home Mirror is a device that provides a wide variety of functionalities, one of them being an air-purifying system. This system is able to clean the surrounding air, rid it of pollutants, and deodorize it – making it particularly useful for bathroom settings.

The iHome iSS50 Smart Home Monitor also offers a multitude of functions, and connects through users' homes through their WiFi network. The device is able to track sunlight and humidity in the user's home, ensuring that they are able to change the amount of sunlight and/or humidity in their living space in a way that is well-suited to their health needs and personal preferences.