From Modular Jewelry Designs to Prosthetic-Building Kits

 - Jun 25, 2017
From DIY prosthetic-building sets to machines that help consumers make their own at-home face masks, the top June 2017 DIY ideas show the expansion of the maker movement beyond the world of hobbies, arts and crafts.

Consumers are now looking to make their own cosmetic products, board games, dog food, interactive chatbots and smart home hubs, which have the potential to be seamlessly integrated into their daily lives. Since these can all be quite overwhelming projects to a beginner, many brands are recognizing this by creating easy-to-use starter kits.

Knowing that fidget toys are currently all the rage, some companies are even sharing affordable 3D printing files so that consumers can try their hand at making their own toys, and at the same time, learn about the world of additive manufacturing.