Fidgetbase is Sharing $1 Files for Printing a DIY Fidget Spinner

 - May 30, 2017
References: fidgetbase & 3dprint
Fidget spinners have emerged as addictive, stress-relieving toys that can be purchased for a few dollars—but Fidgetbase is a toy company that wants to empower people to make their own DIY fidget spinners.

In addition to selling a 3-Pack Mystery Box with 3D-printed spinner toys, Fidgetbase is also selling $1 STL files so that consumers may create their own toys with additive manufacturing. As well as offering entertainment, Fidgetbase hopes to use this opportunity as a way to show consumers just how easy it is to become a maker. As the company says: "Because we’re just as passionate about inspiring others to create as we are about sharing our own products, we’re setting out to become the first fidget company to openly share our complete product designs at just $1."

Designs available from Fidgetbase include three-blade spinners like the Classic and Rigid, as well as the double-sided Duet.