This New DIY Skateboard Includes a Built-In Fuel Tank

 - May 17, 2017
References: sploid.gizmodo
Skateboarder Mike Warren is encouraging riders to "light up the streets" with his DIY guide to building the ultimate flame-throwing skateboard. Unlike other skateboards, Internet handyman Mike Warren's board is rigged with a fuel tank and pump, a battery, a nozzle that spews the fuel, a spark igniter and potentially the coolest feature -- two bright red switches that the rider pushes to ignite the fuel, lighting up the board.

Warren believes that the shock factor of this unique DIY project is worth the risk involved, which he claims are actually quite minimal. As he says: "Whether you’re pulling new tricks, or carving downhill, shooting a flame trail behind you is sure to turn heads and get people talking."

The DIY flame-throwing skateboard, which is reminiscent of something from popular MTV show, Jackass, would appeal to a young, audacious generation of athletes who are looking to push the envelope in unique and innovative ways.