'Dexter' is a Start-Up That Helps Anyone Make a Chatbot

 - May 10, 2017
References: rundexter & psfk
'Dexter' is a start-up that provides the tools to help anyone make a chatbot, with no knowledge of coding required.

Bots can be created for answering commonly asked questions, marketing campaigns, brand engagement or simply for the purpose of entertainment. The start-up provides a variety of templates, tests and chat logs to help individuals, small businesses and big-name brands create their ideal bot. Best of all, the first bot that a user creates with Dexter is free, and no credit card details are required to start building a smart bot to engage one's desired audience.

A rise in conversational commerce has turned chatbots into highly effective tools for automating everything from customer support and sales. Although they can seem complicated to build, Dexter is making it much more accessible to create a chatbot of one's own design.